GenCon Recap - part 1

So GenCon is an amazing experience every year; this was my fourth. They start the same, I take off driving on Tuesday morning, spend one night on the road, then arrive Wednesday night at my in-laws place. It's about 25 hours behind the wheel. This year I borrowed Brandon Sanderson's Alloy of Law, and Terry Pratchett's Raising Steam on CD from the local library. This helped those 25 hours go by much more interestingly. Do you have some favorite strategies for passing those long hours driving? I'd love to hear them.

There were some great events this year to celebrate it being the 50th anniversary. Andrew and I were able to see They Might Be Giants on Thursday night. What a great time! The stadium wasn't full, but it sure was packed, and what an enthusiastic crowd! It was great to hear some of their older and newer works. My favorite comment came from John Linnell who told the crowd that they were trying to figure out just what GenCon was, and said "We are so old, we can remember when Dungeons & Dragons were two separate genre's"! These guys are great. I've still got 'Robot Parade' stuck in my head. ;)

One warning I give to all attendees: don't get caught on the wrong side of the cosplay parade. The line is impassable, and winds on down the block. Having said that, you will likely enjoy the wait. Some of the fun is just in trying to guess where the costume is from, what was their inspiration. There are some amazing performers and creators out there.

Part 2 coming soon.

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